Alpha Omega Science Experiments Grd 9 Dvd - 0740307347
Description: Stanley the Scientist leads students through safe and economical experiments and science projects from beginning to end. Concepts cover magnetism, static electricity, and chemical and physical changes. 40 minute DVD.
Price: Can$19.95
Alpha Omega Science Experiments Grd 10 Dvd - 0740307355
Description: This video shows most of the experiments from the 10th Grade LifePac curriculum, combining live action video with 3D animation. Students will investigate a wide range of topics including microbiology, ecology, and pysiology, following the order of experiments in the curriculum. 90 Minute DVD.
Price: Can$19.95
Alpha Omega Grade 1 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0100
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 1 includes balloons, sand, pebbles, string, pulleys, mirror, sand paper, feather, magnifying glass, seeds, and tuning fork. LifePac Grade 1
Price: Can$49.95
Alpha Omega Grade 2 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0200
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 2 includes sea monkeys, alum, a magnifying glass, peat moss, paper cups, and seeds. LifePac Grade 2
Price: Can$43.95
Alpha Omega Grade 3 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0300
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 3 includes two thermometers, spring scale, tuning fork, magnifying glass, funnel, clay, seeds, peat moss, cups, balloons, rubber bands, limestone, pebbles, medicine dropper, copper tube and ruler.LifePac Grade 3
Price: Can$52.95
Alpha Omega Grade 4 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0400
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 4 includes pulleys, spring scale, bar magnets, iron fillings, magnifying glass, heavy cord, ruler, nails, 6V battery, compass, 3 copper electrodes, 3 zinc electrodes, rubber rod, switch-knife type, copper wire, cups, balloons, and a thermometer.
Price: Can$63.95
Alpha Omega Grade 5 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0500
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 5 includes a scalpel, iodine basic slide set, medicine dropper, lancets, methylene blue, magnifying glass, seeds, 4 0z. jars, 1 gallon jar, peat moss, thermometer, clay, plaster-of-paris, 100ml graduated cylinder, spring scale, and funnel.
Price: Can$71.95
Alpha Omega Grade6 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0600
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 6 includes test tubes, test tube rack and clamp, slide set, lilac leaf slide, Benedict’s solution, iodine,medicine dropper, magnifying glass, ruler, Rennin, calcium hydroxide, rubber stopper, glucose test strips, semi-permeable membrane, PTC test paper, balloons, plastic cups, Phenolphthalein solution, heavy cord, tuning fork cellophane, spring scale, spectroscope, seeds, and razor blades.
Price: Can$71.95
Alpha Omega Grade 7 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0700
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 7 contains 29 items including a graduated cylinder, ruler, microscope slides and coverslips, a mini weather station, psychrometer, two thermometers, several items for optics study and many more.
Price: Can$111.95
Alpha Omega Grade 8 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0800
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 8 contains 46 items including an alcohol lamp. beakers, test tubes, thermometers, funnel, filter paper, microscope slides and coverslips, magnets, electroscope, tape measure, pulley, spring scale, chemicals, and many other items.
Price: Can$153.95
Alpha Omega Grade 9 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT0900
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 9 includes an alcohol lamp and stand, beaker, thermometer, demo balance, mass set, rock study kit, magnet graduated cylinder, plastic jar, paper clips, ruler, glass vials, heavy cord, apron, medicine dropper, safety gloves, safety goggles, sand, sulphuric acid and clay.
Price: Can$127.95
Alpha Omega Grade 10 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT10000
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 10 contains 61 items including seeds, 16 prepared slides, basic slide set, 11 chemicals, protozoa hatchery kit, test tubes, thermometers, and several other items
Price: Can$251.95
Alpha Omega Grade 11 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT1100
This kit for Science LifePac Grade 11 contains 69 items including 23 chemicals, flask, beakers, test tubes, alcohol lamp, graduated cylinders, ring stand, various other lab ware, safety equipment, Boyles’s Law kit, spectroscope analysis kit, and many other items.
Price: Can$355.95
Alpha Omega Grade 12 Life Pac Science Kit - AO-KIT1200
This Kit for Science Life Pac Gr. 12 contains 46 items. Including a sound measurement kit, optical slit kit, static electricity kit, dynamic carts, recording timer, ring stand, spring scale, slinky, helical spring, several electricity study items, and more
Price: Can$396.95