A-Beka Grade 3 Science Kit - AB-KIT03
This kit contains 10 items for dong the activities in A-Beka Science 3, Exploring God’s World. It includes seeds, magnifying glass, Insect Golden Guild, limewater, protozoa hatchery kit, 100X pocket microscope, cord, ruler, medicine dropper, and paper cups.
Price: Can$89.95
A-Beka Grade 4 Science Kit - AB-KIT04
This kit Contains 23 items for doing the activities in A-Beka Science 4, Understanding God’s World. includes seeds, magnifying glass, cheesecloth, gallon jar, alum, medicine dropper cork, cord, balloons, funnel, slinky, pen light, magnets, and more
Price: Can$114.95
A-Beka Grade 5 Science Kit - AB-KIT05
This kit Contains 26 items for doing the activities in A-Beka Science 5, Investigating God’s World. It includes a magnifying glass, prism, limestone, magnets, iron filings, talc, thermometers, clay, penlight, mirrors, file, seashells, flask, and more.
Price: Can$139.95
A-Beka Grade 6 Science Kit - AB-KIT06
This kit Contains 21 items for doing the lab activities in A-Beka Science 6, Observing God’s World It includes a plastic aquarium, 100X pocket microscope, protozoa kit, seeds, limestone, iron filings, Epsom salt, penlight, magnifying glass, and more. Text not included in kit.
Price: Can$139.95
A-Beka Grade 7 Science Kit - AB-KIT07
This kit Contains 51 items for doing the labs in A-Beka Science 7, Order & Reality Order & Reality. Order & Reality. It Includes beakers, other lab-ware, scalpel, thermometers, 7 chemicals, microscope slides, insect pins, protozoa kit, safety equipment, and more.A-Beka Grade 7
Price: Can$180.95
A-Beka Grade 8 Science Kit - AB-KIT08
This kit contains 33 items for doing the labs in A-Beka Science 8, Mater & Motion in God’s Universe It includes optics materials demo balance, weights, labware, alcohol lamp and stand, thermometers, electrical equipment and more.
Price: Can$177.95
A-Beka Grade 9 Science Kit - AB-KIT09
This kit contains 68 items for doing the labs in A-Beka 9, Science of the Physical Creation. This kit includes chemistry equipment , alcohol lamp, 8 chemicals, safety equipment, electrical equipment, optics equipment, spring scale, and more.
Price: Can$784.95
A-Beka Grade 10 Science Kit - AB-KIT10
This kit contains 62 items for completing labs in A-Beka 10, God’s Living Creation. Kit includes a tripod magnifier, microscope slides and coverslips, 15 prepared slides, dissection tools, 9 preserved specimens, 12 chemicals, alcohol lamp and stand, safety equipment, insect collecting materials, and more. A-Beka Grade 10 Science Kit AB-KIT010
Price: Can$552.95
A-Beka Grade 11 Science Kit - AB-KIT11
This kit contains 87 items for doing the labs in A-Beka Chemistry 11, Precision and Design. Kit includes an alcohol lamp, beakers, graduated cylinders, ring stand, test tubes, burette clamp, other labware, 36 chemicals, electrical materials, safety equipment, and more. A-Beka Grade 11 Science Kit AB-KIT011
Price: Can$870.95
A-Beka Grade 12 Science Kit - AB-KIT12
This kit Contains 43 items for doing the activities in A-Beka Physics 12,The Foundational Science. Kit includes a measuring tape, meterstick, stopwatch, demo balance, weights, optical slit kit, optics equipment, glassware, thermometers, other labware electroscope, electricity equipment, multi-meter, and more. A-Beka Grade 12 Science Kit AB-KIT012
Price: Can$514.95